What is Relationship Checkup?

Many go to their dentist every 6 months for a dental checkup and to their doctor for an annual medical checkup. But when was the last time you had a relationship checkup?

Regular medical checkups are important to your physical health. Regular relationship checkups are just as important to the health of your relationship. Relationship checkup allows couples to catch relationship problems before they become a threat.

If you HAVE to see a marriage counselor, you are already starting late. You will spend too much time repairing a relationship rather than building a relationship. The best time to build a healthy relationship is when your relationship is doing well. 

My approach to relationship checkup begins with an assessment from the top two relationship checkup programs. These are proven research-based assessments that can pinpoint positive areas and problem areas that need focus.

As a professional relationship coach, my role is to

  • listen to you and your partner’s stories
  • facilitate the proven research-based assessment 
  • customize a relationship-building plan based on the assessment
  • work with you and your partner to build a healthier relationship

I offer three professional services:

15-Minute Complimentary Consultation

This is a simple call. You can ask questions and see if we could work together. There is no pressure. It is totally confidential, and completely free. If we are a good fit, then we can move forward and schedule the 8-session customized relationship coaching.

Customized Relationship Coaching

This is a customized relationship coaching designed just for you and your partner. Based on a proven research-based assessment, I will create and coach you through fifty-minute sessions (as many as you want) to help you and your partner build a healthy relationship.

Ongoing Relationship Coaching

If you and your partner want to receive additional coaching, we can continue the relationship coaching on a session by session basis. My goal is to equip you and your partners with tools that lead to healthy relationships.

Based in New York City, I offer virtual coaching for couples all over the world.

* Though I am a licensed mental health professional in the State of New York, I do NOT provide mental health services through this site. I provide ONLY relationship coaching. For disclosure and disclaimer, please click here.