At times, stress could ignite transformation, but people grow best in a stable and safe environment. That is why, as parents, we try to create a safe environment for our kids.

Stress is what many are feeling during the COVID time.  And long-term exposure to stress could cause many problems for you and your relationship.

In the last blog, I identified 2 things that can help you survive in this unpredictable time. This blog will list 3 more things that can help you thrive in the COVID time.

3. Meet – Connect with Others and Avoid the Pain of Loneliness

“Being together” and “connecting” are two different things. Connection occurs when couples feel mutually heard, seen, known, and validated.

Does your spouse feel heard, seen, known, and validated by you? Do you know your spouse’s greatest dream and hopes? Greatest worries and fears? What are their goals this year? Is it different from last year? You knew it when you were dating, but do you know it now? 

COVID-19 has forced couples to be in the same space for an extended time, but if you are not intentional about connecting, you will be missing out on a great opportunity to deepen your relationship.

Take 15-30 minutes every day (morning, before you sleep, or after breakfast/lunch/dinner) and connect with each other. One way to connect is to be curious about each other. Ask your spouse some of these questions as a starter.

Being together and lonely can be more painful than being alone and lonely.

4. Make – Unleash Your Creativity and Create New Memories

Relationships are built on creating new memories and not just reliving them. 

During the quarantine, start a hobby alone or better yet, together. It could be cooking, building, baking, learning a musical instrument, painting, drawing, decorating, gardening, stamping, reading, gaming, quilling, gardening, playing board games, and on and on the list goes.

Sharing hobbies (weekly or even monthly) is excellent for building a stronger, intimate, and exciting relationship. It is also a great way to release your creative energy!

5. Mix – Keep Things Exciting but Don’t Burn Out 

Quarantine fatigue is real! Therefore the list above might look unrealistic and overwhelming. I mean, who has the time to meditate, move, meet, and make when the kids need to be homeschooled, work has to be accomplished, and house chores have to be done?

The list is not something that needs to be checked off. Instead, it is a tool for self-care and connecting with your loved one. 

Mix things up. Exercise while connecting with your loved one. Take a walk while meditating. Share insights from your meditation with your loved one to create a stronger bond. The combinations are endless.

Meditate, move, meet, make, and mix. These are 5 ways you can survive, even thrive, during this unpredictable time.

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