Relationship Checkup

Relationship Checkup

Building a Relationship is Better than Having to Repair a Relationship
Glad You Are Here!

Glad You Are Here!

Research shows that most couples wait 6 years after their relationship starts to deteriorate before asking for professional help. Those are 6 unnecessary years. 

I am glad you and your partner are here. And I would love to work with you to help build a healthy relationship. 

Live Video Conferencing

Live Video Conferencing

Thanks to the internet, I can help build a healthier relationship from the comfort of your home through video conferencing – no need to drive nor find childcare nor worry about the CoronaVirus.

What Others Are Saying About Eugene

What Others Are Saying About Eugene

Ben C

“Eugene has this gentleness about him that I feel he understands where I am in my life and what I am going through. I can go to him without hesitation.”

Ben Cho (Pastor and Relationship Coach)

Peter M

“Eugene listened to me with a truly caring and empathic ear. He also helped guide me in figuring out what I want to do and what steps I needed to take towards that goal.”

Peter M.

Sang P

“In a world full of self-serving professionals, Eugene is truly a rare breed. He genuinely cares for you and empathizes with your pain. I never felt like I was just being talked to but in an honest healing professional relationship.”

Sang P.

Greg P

“Eugene combines a calm and empathetic presence with a gift for seeing the big picture goals that help individuals move to the next step in their growth path.”

Greg Piken (Executive Pastor of Community Life)

Ken S

“Eugene was there to give me strength when I was struggling. He truly gave me direction and helped me to find joy again.”

Ken S.

John Loppnow

“Eugene’s coaching comes with a wealth of experience and wisdom.  I would sincerely recommend him to anyone.”

John Loppnow, LMFT (Relationship Coach, Author, and Speaker)